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Amazing Beaches

Big Corn Island offers beautiful snow-white beaches and an entire coral riff that invites to snorkel and dive.

Big Corn Island has several beautiful beaches with snow white sand. In the South you find South West Beach and Long Bay Beach. Each one is about 600m long and they are the longest beaches of the island. In the north of the island are the beaches with the coral reefs and thus they are perfect for snorkeling. On the east and west coast of Big Corn Island you can discover more amazing beaches. Feel like the first human being on these beaches as there is hardly nobody there.

Trip To Little Corn Island

Litte Corn Island is the smaller of both islands and can only be reached by boat. The public panga boat takes about 30-45 minutes. It leaves at 10 am from the port in Brig Bay and returns at 1.30 pm. Therefore you will not have much time on the island, so it‘s better to stay one night on the island and to return the next morning at about 6 am or the next afternoon at 1.30 pm.

Caribbean Food

Fresh fish and lobster are served in several restaurants. Also the Caribbean dish, called Rondon, is served. It consists of a soup made up of different types of seafood, with coconut milk, plantain, vegetables, peppers and spices.

Caribbean bakery

Island Bakery & Sweets

A small bakery offers many lovely treats from sweet to savoury. Cakes, tarts, cookies and meat pies. The carrot cake with cream cheese icing or the chocolate cake or coconut macaroons are highly recommended.

Diving and Snorkeling

The island is made up of Tertiary (Miocene-Pliocene) basalts that protrude through late Tertiary carbonates. These basalt formations extend offshore, covering an area of approximately 10 km2 beneath the coral reefs. The main coral reefs extend just off and along the northern coast of Big Corn Island. This means off the North End beaches and Sally Peaches Beach. These areas are perfect for snorkeling.

Blowing Rock is the island‘s most famous diving location. A volcanic rock pinnacle reaches from the surface down to about 25 metres and is a popular spot for barracuda.

Diving Centers: