Travel Info

How To Get There?

Take a flight to Nicaragua´s capital Managua. From Managua take a national flight on Big Corn Island. The national airline is La Costena. In general, two flights a day leave for the island.

The international airport ist next to the national airport. There are some hotels next to the airport where you can stay during the night (Las Mercedes Managua Hotel, Camino Real Managua Hotel).

Landing at Big Corn Island

When To Visit?

Mid-winter trips to the tropics are popular, but you can save big by going in the off-season or shoulder season, which actually extends to mid-December in the Caribbean. Hurrican season is also a cheaper time to travel.

Events To See?

To celebrate the abolition of slavery in 1841, the island holds an annual festival on 27 August with the Crab Soup Festival. Crab soup will be served.


Big Corn Island is safe for travelers. Despite of the delicate political situation in Nicaragua, Big Corn Island is different from the mainland. There have never been any incidents or protests on the island.


English is widely spoken along with the official Spanish.