Snow White Caribbean Beaches

Beaches in the South of Big Corn Island

The beautiful Picnic Beach is in the South of Big Corn Island. It is snow-white and its water is crystal clear and calm.

Big Corn Island offers several beautiful beaches whereas each one has its own character.

The two longest beaches are South-West Bay Beach and Long Bay Beach. Both beaches are in the South of the island and fascinate because of the snow-white sand. The sea at South-West Bay Beach is mirror smooth and thus crystal clear. It´s like a big natural swimming pool and thus it invites for sunbathing.

Crystal clear whater of Picnic Beach (also called South West Bay)

Beaches in the North of Big Corn Island

Another fascinating beach area is in the more windy northern part of the island because of its coral reef. Thus it invites for snorkeling.

Majestic palm trees waving in the wind in the north of Big Corn Island.