Big Corn Island is a Haven for Diving and Snorkeling

The Corn Islands are made of Tertiary basalts that protrude through late Tertiary carbonate. These basalt formations extend offshore, covering an area of approximately 10 km² beneath the coral reefs. The main coral reefs extend just off and along the northern coast of Big Corn Island. This means off the North End beaches and Sally Peaches Beach. These areas are perfect places for snorkeling.

Big Corn Island offers an entire coral reef.

Diving on Big Corn Island involves an entire reef system with rich sea life in turquoise Caribbean seas. You will see turtles, nurse sharks, reef sharks, eagle rays, sting rays, beautiful soft coral, and tons of colorful fish. The water is warm year-round (27 degrees). Visibility is great and Blowing Rock is a must do if you’re in this area. Its a volcanic rock pinnacle that reaches from the surface down to about 25 meters and is a popular spot for barracuda.

Dive Centers on Big Corn Island

Diving and snorkeling shops on Big Corn Island are Dos Tiburones Dive Shop and Corn Island Dive Center.

All diving shops are for novices and experienced divers alike as there are many sites to explore. The shops offer night dives too. Big Corn Island is an ideal dive destination and a great place to become dive certified or advance your dive certification. Prices are very competitive and reasonable when compared to other popular dive destinations in Central America or the Caribbean.